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Linking Actions for Unmet Needs in Children’s Health

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What is LAUNCH?

LAUNCH is designed to connect you with resources and services to help support your child’s growth and development. This program is offered at no charge to all Amoskeag Health patients with children 0-8 years of age.

Just a Few of the Many Reasons You Might Enroll in LAUNCH...


You want to access resources that are available to you and your family

You have children 0 - 8 years of age



You are new to the community

You want to connect with other families in Greater Manchester


No matter the reason, if you're seeking connection and support as a caregiver of children eight years old and under, we're here for you. Interested in more information?



LAUNCH is a clinic-based program, which means our "LAUNCH Navigators" work directly with parents and caregivers to discover and navigate local resources for childcare assistance, food access, housing assistance, and more. We provide referrals and set up ongoing support to make sure you have everything you need.


Our Ready Set LAUNCH program is for newborns and their families who live in Manchester and give birth at Elliot Hospital. Newborns and their families are eligible for this one-time home-visiting service!


Our Newborn Navigators will introduce themselves to all caregivers either at the hospital or via telephone. With our knowledge of the community, we can connect you with local resources based on caregiver needs. All Newborn Navigators understand how difficult the first few months can be as parents and can support you and your newborn during the first days at home.

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Ready Set LAUNCH (RSL)
Meet Our Newborn Navigator

The LAUNCH Family Advisory Council is a group of family members, caregivers, and guardians with all different experiences caring for children prenatally through eight years old. The FAC's purpose is to connect families with young children throughout Greater Manchester and share information and services that support one another.

LAUNCH Family Advisory Council (FAC)
About the Family Advisory Council

The Early Childhood Region 4 is led by the LAUNCH Region 4 Leadership Team who helps support initiatives addressing early childhood in Greater Manchester and Greater Derry. The team contributes to the development of a statewide comprehensive, coordinated, and sustainable early childhood system that prepares children for kindergarten and academic achievement; fosters safe, healthy, and engaged families; and promotes social and emotional health and well-being. Interested in learning more? Email

Family Time
Early Childhood Region 4

To provide primary prevention events, the Manchester LAUNCH Family Wellness Collaborative brings together a multi-sector coalition of partners.


Early Learning Collaboratives offer a space for childcare centers and family-based center directors to convene. These collaborations offer chances to:

  • Participate in monthly meetings for programs in Region 4 to support and discuss current trends related to childcare in NH.

  • Learn about new resources for programs and children in their region.

  • Receive support from likeminded individuals in a safe space to discuss the challenges that early childhood development programs face.


LAUNCH pad partners promote cross-sector collaboration and communication to improve family wellness and resiliency. LAUNCH attends community-based events with information on child development, community resources, programs, and information in collaboration with partners.

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Manchester LAUNCH Family Wellness Collaborative
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