Preventive Cancer Screening Programs
(Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Colorectal Cancer)

Amoskeag Health has a full-time Community Health Worker (CHW) who works with patients that are due to receive preventive cervical, breast and/or colorectal cancer screenings. The CHW assists patients who are unsure about being screened or patients who are experiencing barriers to care such as difficulties with transportation, interpretation, or costs of services. Amoskeag Health is also a Breast and Cervical Cancer Program (BCCP) screening site for the State of NH providing free breast and cervical cancer screening to eligible patients. We have a nurse who assists patients that may be eligible to receive free breast and cervical cancer screenings if they are uninsured. An Amoskeag Health Nurse provides education, support, and assistance to navigate through the program’s options. The cancer screening program is supported by funding from the State of NH’s Department of Health and Human Services BCCP Program and Dartmouth Hitchcock’s NH Colorectal Cancer Screening Program. Please talk to your Primary Care Provider for more information.

Amoskeag Health Optometry: Comprehensive Eye Care

Amoskeag Health offers all patients 5 years and older the opportunity to see an Optometrist for a variety of eye problems at our eye care center located at The Dr. Selma Deitch Center for Children & Teens. Amoskeag Health Optometry prescribes glasses for those patients who have visual acuity issues, performs routine annual eye screenings for diabetic patients and addresses acute ocular issues such as red eyes or ocular pain. Some patients under 18 years of age qualify for free eye glasses.

If you would like to schedule an eye exam for you or your child, please call 603-626-9500. Only Primary Care Patients of Amoskeag Health are able to be seen at the Amoskeag Health Optometry Center located at 1245 Elm Street Manchester, NH 03101.

Podiatry Services

Amoskeag Health employs a Podiatrist to provide foot care to any Amoskeag Health patient. The Podiatrist performs regular services such as diabetic foot care as well as management of common podiatry problems such as ingrown toenails, bunions, callouses, infections, and other issues. Please talk to your Primary Care Provider for more information on Amoskeag Health Podiatry Services.

Special Medical Programs (SMP)

Amoskeag Health offers three unique special medical programs services, including: complex care network, nutrition, feeding and swallowing services, and child development clinics. To apply for any of the services listed below, please complete the following application and fax to 833-448-0645 or mail to 145 Hollis Street, Manchester, NH 03101.

  • Complex Care Network: Amoskeag Health conducts virtual or in-person consultation and collaboration to families, medical professionals, schools and other community agencies caring for children. To learn more about this program, call 603-296-9247.
  • Nutrition, Feeding, and Swallowing Services: A statewide network of pediatric nutritionists and feeding and swallowing specialists providing in-home and community-based consultation. To apply for this program, please click here. To learn more about this program, call 603-296-9213.
  • Child Development Clinics: A comprehensive diagnostic assessment for children through age six. To learn more about this program, please reach out to Pat McLean at either or 603-296-9249.

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