Language Interpretation & Translation
Amoskeag Health provides high quality, professional language assistance to patients through Staff Interpreters, Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), and over the phone interpreter services that are available for patients during appointments. If you need an interpreter for your next appointment, please call 603-626-9500.

Communication Services for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing People:
Amoskeag Health serves Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing patients through:
• Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) certified sign language interpreters
• Written communication and visual aids (Patient Portal online access)
• Adaptive equipment such as Video Remote Interpreters (iPads)

Emergency Food, Clothing, and Diapers
Amoskeag Health maintains an emergency food pantry at 1245 Elm Street, The Dr. Selma Deitch Center for Children & Teens. Please talk to your Primary Care Provider if you are in need of emergency, food, clothing, or diapers. Amoskeag Health’s Case Management Team can help coordinate access to basic needs through partner organizations, as well as consult with longer term solutions for social service access. 

Women Infant and Children (WIC) Nutrition Program
The WIC Program provides nutrition education, healthy foods, breastfeeding support and referrals to other community programs for pregnant women, new mothers, and their children. Amoskeag Health offers monthly on-site enrollment for WIC eligible patients for their convenience as well as referrals to the Manchester office of Southern NH Services. Please call 603-626-9500 to find out more information on enrollment. 

Insurance Enrollment
Amoskeag Health offers Marketplace health insurance application assistance appointments for eligible patients. Our goal is to assist all eligible patients to apply for Marketplace through and receive medical insurance with possible subsidies and tax credits. Please call 603-626-9500 to learn more about insurance enrollment and to schedule an appointment. 

Community Health Workers
Community Health Workers (CHWs) work directly with patients who experience a higher prevalence of health disparities in four chronic disease states: diabetes, hypertension, pediatric obesity, and high risk. 

Title X Family Planning Services
Title X Family Planning Services play a critical role in ensuring access to a broad range of family planning and preventive health services. Effective methods of family planning services are offered, including abstinence counseling, preconception counseling, STD/HIV screening, and contraception, including hormonal methods, barrier methods, fertility awareness-based methods, and/or permanent sterilization.

Refugee Services
Amoskeag Health partners with the Manchester Health Department and the State of NH’s Office of Minority Health and Refugee Affairs to assist with the preventive health care and primary health care of refugees resettling in Manchester and the surrounding towns. The program ensures that refugees have access to primary health care, appropriate medical screenings, vaccinations, health education, case management, and interpreter services.

Family Support & Case Management
Case Managers at Amoskeag Health work on teams with Medical Providers to provide family support services. Case Managers meet with all individuals and families to assess their needs and provide resources and crisis intervention due to domestic violence, homelessness or lack of food. Case Managers help with applying for Fuel Assistance, TANF, or other assistance programs. Families with more complicated needs receive ongoing case management services. Case Managers at Amoskeag Health help families find enrichment opportunities for their kids including summer camp, tickets to community events, access to sports or music classes and more.

Prescription Refill Assistance: Amoskeag Health has a number of programs to assist patients with getting their medication(s):

  • Medication Assistance Program (MAP): Amoskeag Health has a full-time Medication Refill Coordinator who manages refills of patient medication and also enrolls patients who have no prescription coverage/insurance into MAP programs.
  • Amoskeag Health 340B Formulary: This program is available at the three Walgreens locations in Manchester and Hooksett. Patients must have an Amoskeag Health discount card that is not expired to show eligibility for the Amoskeag Health 340B Formulary. This program is limited to the medications listed on the formulary.

Free Legal Advice Clinic
A collaborative program of Amoskeag Health and NH Legal Assistance provides integrated legal and medical services for Amoskeag Health patients who need legal assistance with public benefits (TANF, food stamps, Medicaid, unemployment, Social Security); public housing/section 8; conditions issues in rental housing (including private housing); housing discrimination; and school discipline/special education. Speak to you Primary Care Provider about access to these services through Case Managers.

Sliding Fee Scale
Amoskeag Health offers services on a sliding fee scale that has five levels of adjusted fees based on patient household size and income. Uninsured or underinsured patients who qualify for the sliding fee scale will be issued a Medical Discount Card to receive a discount for charges incurred at all Amoskeag Health locations. 

Appointment Transportation
Amoskeag Health offers transportation coordination services for qualifying patients. Our Transportation Coordinator works with patients to identify transportation options for medical visits when transportation assistance is needed. If you need transportation to your next appointment, please call 603-626-9500 to speak with a Transportation Coordinator.

Medicaid Assistance
Amoskeag Health assists with applications for Medicaid benefits for children and prenatal patients and consumers. Please call 603-626-9500 to set up an appointment to enroll in Medicaid. 

Patient-Centered Medical Home
Amoskeag Health provides comprehensive, team-based primary care focused on quality and safety. The Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model promotes achieving primary care excellence by providing care in partnership with the patient and their families to ensure decisions respect patients’ wants, needs and preferences, and that patients have the education and support they need to make decisions and participate in their own care. 

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