For information on our prenatal services, please call 603-626-9500 x6.
Prenatal care is provided at our Hollis and Tarrytown sites. Prenatal care refers to the care of pregnant women both during the pregnancy and for the first six weeks after a patient has delivered her baby. At Amoskeag Health, prenatal care is a group effort that involves initial screenings by a team made up of social workers, counselors, nutritionists and prenatal nurses. After those visits and appropriate lab testing, pregnant patients are seen for their first provider visit. Our nurse-midwife sees almost all pregnant patients for the first provider visit and typically will see patients monthly through the end of the seventh month of the pregnancy; she works exclusively at Amoskeag Health-Tarrytown.

In the last trimester, patients are seen by our family practice physicians at either our Hollis or Tarrytown sites.

Patients who are considered high-risk are seen at our Tarrytown site by several of the obstetricians from the Bedford Commons OB/GYN group which we use for consultative services. If a patient delivers vaginally then one of our family practice physicians or our nurse-midwife attends the delivery at Elliot Hospital. If a patient requires a C-section or abdominal delivery then a Bedford Commons obstetrician performs that surgery at Elliot Hospital.

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