This program involves several components, including staff training and a standardized algorithm for medication management with patients with high blood pressure. We have partnered with several agencies, including:

1. YMCA reduced fee memberships: Any patient at any MCHC location with hypertension can be referred to the YMCA with a special form to receive a reduced fee membership ($10/month) to improve their health through exercise

2. Any patient can go to any CMC Parish Nurse or Manchester Health Department site during their open hours for a free blood pressure check

3. During the months of July and August, ORIS (Office for Refugee and Immigrant Success) runs a farmer’s market on-site at Hollis Street on Mondays to encourage patients (and staff) to buy fresh vegetables

4. MCHC has wallet cards available in English and Spanish for patients who are pre-hypertensive (prevention) and with hypertension (management). Cards should be available in any nurse station


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