Adolescent care is offered at all four of our sites. It is focused on the unique health situations for patients between 12 and 20 years old, including screenings for depression and anxiety, substance misuse screenings, information and guidance about appropriate diet and exercise as well as ensuring that immunizations are up to date.

Our providers are skilled at helping with:

  • Health education and routine health examinations
  • Confidential family planning and birth control*
  • Confidential testing and treatment for STIs (sexually transmitted infections)*
  • Confidential, drop-in pregnancy testing*
  • Nutrition and weight concerns

*We offer confidential services unless there is concern that you may harm yourself or others or suspicion of someone harming you.

There are pediatricians at our 145 Hollis Street location and our 1245 Elm Street location. Additionally, pediatric care is provided by family practice physicians, physician assistants and family nurse practitioners at our Hollis site; our Tarrytown site; and our McGregor Street site. Similar to primary pediatric care, our adolescent services are provided using an integrated care model; lead by the primary care provider (physician, physician’s assistant, or a nurse practitioner) and the other members of the practice care team comprised of a medical assistant, nurse, nutritionist, behavioral health consultant, care coordinator, community health worker and case manager working together to support patients. For additional information please call 603-626-9500.

Adolescent Preventative Services (APS)
PREP (Personal Responsibility Education Program)
Amoskeag Health Optometry
Nutrition Services
Behavioral Health Services
Support Programs

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