Cooking Classes

Amoskeag Health offers cooking classes for children and adults. Preschool cooking classes for ages three to five are designed to help kids identify, try, and enjoy fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy and healthy fats. Adult cooking classes are for any parents of Amoskeag Health patients. The lessons are designed to teach a low-cost, healthy dinner recipe that can be replicated at home. Please talk to your Primary Care Provider for more information about how you and your family can be involved in the next cooking class.


Nutrition services are offered for adults and children with a licensed Dietician or Nutritionist. Counseling is offered for obesity and weight loss support, diabetes care, hypertension and hyperlipidemia (high level of fats in the blood), prenatal nutrition services, Women Infants Children enrollment services, and prenatal and post-partum lactation services. Preventive and proactive nutrition approaches are taken to help patients of all ages improve their overall health. Please talk to you or your child’s Primary Care Provider if you have concerns about how your eating habits are affecting your life.

Black man cutting vegetables for healthy vegetarian salad in kitchen, closeup

Family Literacy 

Amoskeag Health provides adults with a stress-free environment in which to improve their English, study for the GED, or prepare for the US citizenship test. Child care is provided during class where children can receive help with homework or play educational games. Amoskeag Health also strives to get books to all pediatric patients. Please call 603-626-9500 to find out the date of the next Family Literacy Night.



Million Hearts Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) Program

Amoskeag Health partnered with several organizations in 2014-2015 to initiate the Million Hearts program. The program involves several components, including staff training and a standardized algorithm for medication management with hypertensive patients (patients with high blood pressure). Partner agencies include:
         •YMCA for reduced fee memberships. (Any patient of Amoskeag Health with hypertension can be referred to the YMCA to receive a reduced fee membership ($10/month) to improve their health through exercise);
       •Catholic Medical Center Parish Nurse or Manchester Health Department, during their open hours patients can receive free blood pressure check;
       •Amoskeag Health has wallet cards available in English and Spanish for patients who are pre-hypertensive (prevention) and with hypertension (management).

Child Birthing Classes

Occurring on a monthly basis, Amoskeag Health hosts child birthing classes for pregnant patients and their partners. Please call 603-626-9500 to find out the date of the next Child Birthing Class.

Diabetes Education

Amoskeag Health provides prediabetes and diabetes education with a Certified Diabetic Educator and Nutritionist who explain the diagnosis, blood glucose monitoring and targets, causes of high and low blood glucose levels, meal planning, exercise and weight management, medication options and reducing the risk of complications. A monthly Diabetes Support Group helps participants engage in their diabetes health management and allows them to discuss any barriers or questions with their peers and participating health care staff.

Breastfeeding Education 

An Amoskeag Health Lactation Counselor reviews health benefits of breastfeeding, addresses myths associated with breastfeeding, discusses characteristics of breast milk vs. formula, feeding cues, positioning, supply and demand, barriers to breastfeeding with all pregnant patients and reviews their options. Medicaid patients may receive a referral for an electric breast pump. Please talk to your Primary Care Provider if you have any questions or concerns about breastfeeding.

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