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Let's Create a World Where Our Children Soar

What is the LAUNCH Family Advisory Council?

The LAUNCH Family Advisory Council (FAC) is a group of family members, caregivers, and guardians with all different experiences caring for children prenatally through eight years old. The FAC's purpose is to connect families with young children throughout Greater Manchester and share information and services that support one another.

We hope that these family voices will help us to:

  • Make it easier for families to find the information they need.

  • Develop family programs and services that meet the current needs of family members, caregivers, and guardians.

  • Improve how we communicate with and reach families.

  • Listen to the concerns, ideas, and feedback that Manchester family members, caregivers, and guardians have and share them with key decision-makers.

About the Family Advisory Council

We are welcoming family members, caregivers, and guardians of children prenatally through 8 years old who use childcare, education, healthcare, family support, and other programs and services in Manchester. We have a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion and believe that the more varied the voices and experiences are at the table, the stronger our programs, services, and systems will be.

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Who should join?
  • We will compensate you for your time.

  • Meetings will take place at a time that works for group members and can be attended virtually. Interpretation services are available.

  • If you require additional supports to participate, we will work with you to ensure you have what you need.

How are members supported?
Proud Mother
  • Meet others raising young children in a non-judgmental environment where everyone’s experiences are valued, respected, and remain confidential.

  • Learn about the different supports and resources available in the community.

  • Make a difference for Greater Manchester families caring for young children.

  • Build leadership and professional skills to add to your resume.

What are the benefits of participating in the group?

The LAUNCH Family Advisory Council is co-led by Greater Manchester family members, caregivers, guardians, and community leaders.

Who is leading this group?

Bring Your Voice to the Table!

Share your experiences and provide recommendations that will guide local programs and services.

The Family Advisory Council will be led by families and in a safe, confidential, and casual environment.

Meetings are just once a month, held virtually or in person at times that are best for busy families.

No prior experience is needed. You just need to want to improve experiences for families caring for young children in our community.

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