Northeast Delta Dental, Agnes Lindsay Trust Support Dental Health at MCHC

Manchester Community Health Center (MCHC) has received a $5,000 contribution from the Northeast Delta Dental Foundation to support the health center’s dental services referral program. MCHC has also received $3,000 from The Agnes Lindsay Trust for dental services.

MCHC is a federally qualified health center that offers an array of medical services, but does not provide dental care. Patients at MCHC who suffer from health-limiting dental problems are referred to and treated by the Easter Seals Dental Center and in special cases by Elliot Health Systems’ Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Center (OMS) and by Catholic Medical Center’s Poisson Dental Clinic. Through the generosity of Northeast Delta Dental Foundation and The Agnes Lindsay Trust, MCHC is able to fund patients’ dental exams, cleanings, scalings, sealants, repair of cavities, and extractions. Although the need for dental services is great, MCHC is only able to assist 35-45 patients per year.

Dr. Gavin Muir, Chief Medical Officer at MCHC, says, “We have a crisis in New Hampshire when it comes to dental care due to a lack of access and affordability of dental services. Nearly three quarters of our adult population, which numbers 10,000 patients, do not have a dental home. There are many health conditions such as coronary artery disease and preterm labor for pregnant patients that have been shown to worsen with poor dental health. People are much more likely to remain employed if they have dental care. People who are not in the work force have a much better chance at securing a job if they have good dental hygiene. We are fortunate to have community partners willing to participate in our dental referral program which allows us to refer the sickest patients who need the most care for comprehensive dental services, and we are always open to opportunities to expand these services.”


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