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Amoskeag Health's specialized programs are designed to support the health and development of children. Each program is tailored to provide comprehensive, expert care that addresses the specific needs of children and their families, fostering partnerships with healthcare providers and ensuring optimal outcomes. 

Mother, child patient, and nurse

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Special Medical Programs (SMP)

Amoskeag Health offers virtual or in-person consultations for families, medical professionals, schools, and community agencies involved in children's care. Our Complex Care Network supports children with complex health needs, coordinating care among multiple specialists and promoting collaboration with primary care doctors and families. The service is tailored for children with chronic and complex health conditions needing expert consultations to address both health and educational requirements.

Assessments can be conducted by a single provider, through group consultations, or clinic appointments. To contact this program, please complete the form below or call 603-860-4151.

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Complex Care Network
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Our Mission: To optimize the growth, health and well-being of your child by joining the expertise of our dieticians and feeding & swallowing providers with your expertise as parents and family, and others serving your child.

How Our Program Works: We focus on your specific goals for your child through a personalized care approach. The program operates on a consultative model where your child will have an initial evaluation followed by regular follow-up visits. Success is built on a strong partnership between you and our specialists, relying on effective communication and commitment.

Funding and Costs:  Home/community-based visits are provided at no out of pocket costs to you. Our program relies upon insurance reimbursement and funding from Special Medical Services. If your child needs a swallow study, your feeding and swallowing provider will be covered by our program to attend. Your insurance company will be billed for the medical fees associated.

Our program ensures that your child receives the best possible care without financial burden. For more details, please complete the form below or call 603-296-9213.

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Nutrition, Feeding, and Swallowing Services
Balance Test

To help children with developmental or behavioral differences and support their growth, your child may benefit from visiting the Child Development Clinic.

The Child Development Clinic (CDC) at Amoskeag Health helps diagnose these differences. It's a joint program between Amoskeag Health and the Bureau for Family Centered Services (BFCS) of the NH Department of Health and Human Services. The clinic is funded by public money and service fees. It offers thorough diagnostic evaluations for children from birth to five years old who have developmental or behavioral issues.

When you apply for your child, we review the records to decide if a diagnostic assessment is needed. We may suggest other resources if necessary. If your child’s case fits our program, we will schedule an evaluation.
During the evaluation, our team, which may include a psychologist, neuropsychologist, developmental pediatrician, developmental specialist, pediatric nurse practitioner, and clinic coordinator, will review all available information about your child. This includes their history, observations, and our impressions and recommendations. We may also observe your child at school. Finally, we can schedule a meeting to discuss our findings and recommendations. 
To learn more about this program, please complete the form below or call 603-296-9249.

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Child Development Clinics
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