CHS Building Gets a Makeover

Manchester Community Health Center (MCHC) was recently awarded $1 million in HIIP (Health Investment Infrastructure Program) funds to renovate the Child Health Services building at 1245 Elm Street.

“Needless to say, it is a wonderful and unique opportunity to receive this kind of funding from HRSA, and we are very grateful to be able to take advantage of these additional resources,” says MCHC President and CEO Kris McCracken. “Both census and community needs assessment data show that the number of residents in our community with no health home continues to grow. We are thrilled to have help addressing the need for accessible primary care, behavioral health, and support services for our target populations, including individuals with limited incomes, those needing assistance with transportation and interpreter services, or who face other barriers to traditional medical settings.”

The HIIP funds will be used to renovate the Elm Street building to make it accessible for individuals with disabilities, and to improve patient and visitor safety. Renovations will include: •demolition and space reconfiguration •plumbing, electrical and HVAC upgrades •sprinkler systems •wiring for data •improved security and keyless entry systems •increasing the number of exam rooms from six to 10 •adding behavioral health counseling rooms Additionally, MCHC recently received HRSA funding to expand services. This grant of $272,000 will be used to: •support expanded patient access to dental services •support a pharmacy program for under- and uninsured patients •help provide patient legal assistance and medical support staff

The improvements will also increase access to primary medical and specialty care such as optometry and behavioral health services for low-income, minority, and limited English speaking patients, with a special focus on high-risk children.

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