As The Pandemic Continues

In rapid response to the COVID-19 pandemic in March, Amoskeag Health consolidated from five (5) locations with 220 on-site employees to two (2) clinics with ~140 employees working remotely. We quickly activated Telehealth with medical providers and behavioral health consultants ‘visiting’ patients to keep them out of emergency rooms and crisis situations.

As of October 5, all five (5) Amoskeag Health locations will be in full service with virtual and in-person appointments available 6 days per week. Staff and patients are required to wear face masks at all times inside Amoskeag Health offices and to maintain 6-feet separation from one another. One staff member, in full PPE, is posted at the entry of each site to take temperatures and screen patients for COVID symptoms.

Our landlord on the West side, Catholic Medical Center, has worked with us to plan our October reopening the McGregor Street office as a dedicated acute office for patients suffering with symptoms of any infection. Reserved parking spaces in the back lot will allow sick patients to bypass the screening station at CMC’s main entrance and continue directly to our office.

At the McGregor Street office, we will install a new on-site testing machine to provide Covid-19 and influenza results within 15 minutes!

We work tirelessly to curb this infection and to help people obtain and maintain good health!

Shari Smith, Team Nurse, is one of many dedicated staff members using their free time to create reusable face masks for Amoskeag Health patients and on-site, essential workers. 

Two of our diligent, daily COVID-19 screeners preparing for their shift at The Dr. Selma Deitch Center for Children & Teens. All patients entering the building must have their temperature checked as well as answer a series of health-related questions. 

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