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Amoskeag Health is looking to grow its Board of Directors

What is a Board of Directors?
A Board of Directors is a group of people from the community that helps “govern” (give guidance and oversight) to organizations like Amoskeag Health.

Do I get paid for this?
Board members do not get paid for volunteering.

What do Board Members have to do?
Board Members come to a Board meeting every month on a Tuesday night at 5 pm for about an hour. Sometimes Board members also go to a special committee of the Board in addition to this that may meet less often and at a different time.

Do I qualify?
To become a Board Member, you need to be a patient or the parent/guardian of a patient at Amoskeag Health who has had a visit within the last two years. You must be at least 18 years old. You cannot be related to anyone on staff. You must keep all the information from the meetings confidential. If you meet these criteria, we will meet with you for an interview, and if it seems like a good match, we will recommend your nomination to our Board for a vote.

How long can you be on the Board of Directors?
Board members are asked to commit for a three-year “term” (period of time) to a Board of Directors role. If the member really likes it, they can serve up to three “terms” of three years each, but only one term is required.

amoskeag health board of directors
Amoskeag Health Board of Directors – August 2022

Left to right back row: Nancy Glidden, Interim Controller; Maureen Cassidy, CNO; Thom Lavoie;  Jill Billie; Deb Manning; Kathleen Davidson; Vanessa Maradiaga; Rick Elwell; Madhab Gurung.
Left to right front row: Gail Tudor; David Hildenbrand; Christian Scott; Kris McCracken, CEO; Dr. Gavin Muir, CMO.
Not Pictured: David Crespo, Rusty Mosca, and Sonia Stagen.


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