The Acute Access Registration and Intake position is responsible for the accurate completion of the new patient registration process to include responding to new patient inquiries, data entry of patient data and demographics into the practice management system.
Responsible for the accurate completion of the new patient intake process to include financial and demographic intake, distribution of information about the Health Center and services provided, enrollment assistance through Marketplace for health insurance including Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Assist new patients with telephone and walk-in inquiries. Assist with weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reporting.

1. Responsible to the Patient Health Benefits Access Manager.
2. Other Relationships: Work closely with New Patient Coordinator, Outreach and Enrollment Representatives, Patient Navigator and Triage Nurse.

1. Coordinate all new patients’ walk in requests on site and schedule appointments according to scheduling protocol in a timely manner.
2. Assist with new patient requests from affiliated agencies and schedule appointments according to scheduling protocol in a timely manner.
3. Assist with new patient requests from incoming calls and schedule appointments according to scheduling protocol in a timely manner.
4. Respond to individuals seeking to access care as a new patient of the Health Center.
5. Create new charts and update patient demographic data into the practice management system.
6. Assist with keeping patient demographic data, insurance and financial information updated in practice management system as needed.
7. Perform new patients’ intake screenings to include interview, documentation, Medical Discount Card distribution, and updates as indicated according to intake protocol.
8. Perform new patients’ Medicaid, NHHPP and Marketplace screenings to include interview, documentation, and enrollment assistance according to protocol.
9. Refer patients to other local social service agencies as needed and when appropriate.
10. Assist with monthly, quarterly and annual reports as needed.
11. Attend and participate in Health Center meetings, as directed. If absent, please read, sign and date meeting minutes. Responsible for reading, dating and initialing the Business Office Communication binder.
12. Attend mandatory safety-related and infection control in-services as designated by Senior Management Team.
13. Confidentiality and sensitivity to cultural diversity of all clients, fellow employees and visitors.
14. Other responsibilities as assigned by Manager.

In addition, individual must possess these knowledge and these skills and abilities or be able to explain and demonstrate that the individual can perform the primary functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodation using some other combination of skills and abilities and to possess the necessary physical requirements with or without the aid of mechanical devices to safely perform the primary functions of the job.

1. Physical requirements include ability to extend hand(s) and arm(s) in any direction; pick, pinch, type or otherwise work primarily with fingers; stand for sustained periods of time and move about on foot to accomplish tasks, raise objects from a lower to a higher position or move objects horizontally from position to position; apply pressure to an object with fingertips; sustain substantial movement of wrists, hands and/or fingertips.
2. Ability to express or exchange ideas by means of the spoken word.
3. Ability to receive detailed information through oral communication and make fine discrimination in sound.
4. Ability to interact effectively with people of varied educational, socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds, skill levels and value systems; to work with frequent interruptions and to respond appropriately to unexpected situations. Excellent listening skills.
5. Ability to exert up to twenty (20) pounds of force occasionally and/or a negligible amount of force frequently or constantly to lift, carry, punch, pull, or otherwise move objects. Primary functions involve sitting, as well as stooping, kneeling, crouching, and reaching; walking, particularly for long distances, and standing for sustained periods of time.
6. Visual acuity sufficient for work which deals largely with visual inspection involving small anatomical or physiological details as well as the whole patient, preparing and analyzing data and figures, accounting, computer terminal operation, extensive reading, and visual inspection involving small parts/defects.
7. Excellent written, verbal communication and social skills.
8. Ability to endure periods of heavy workload or excessive stress.
9. Ability to wear equipment such as safety glasses, gowns, etc.
10. Knowledge of database and spreadsheet software systems. Computer skills preferred and basic financial skills, as well as analytical skills for trend and situational analysis desired.
11. Ability to transport self to meetings, event and affiliated vendors.
12. Not substantially exposed to adverse environmental conditions.
13. Based on the mental requirements of the position, please check below the ADA statement that best fits the position. Choose ONLY ONE from below:

  • Requires the ability to understand and follow simple instructions and to use simple equipment involving few decisions
  • Requires the ability to perform repetitive or routine duties working from detailed instructions and understand procedures. Requires the making of minor decisions.
  • Requires the ability to plan and perform diversified duties requiring an extensive knowledge of a particular field and the use of a wide range of procedures. Involves the exercise of judgment in the analysis of facts and conditions regarding individual problems or transactions to determine what actions should be taken within the limits of standard practice.
  • Requires the ability to plan and perform a wide variety of duties requiring general knowledge of policies and procedures. Requires considerable judgment to work independently toward general results, devising methods, modifying or adapting standard procedures to meet different conditions, making decisions based on precedent and policy.
  • Requires the ability to plan and perform difficult work where only general methods are available. Involves highly technical or involved projects, presenting new or constantly changing problems. Requires outstanding judgment and initiative in dealing with complex factors not easily evaluated, also making decisions for which there is little precedent.
  • Requires the ability to plan and perform complex work that involves new or constantly changing problems where there is little accepted method or procedure. Involves participation in the formulation and carrying out of policies, objectives and programs for major divisions or functions. Considerable ingenuity and exceptional judgment required to deal with factors not easily evaluated, interpret results and make decisions carrying a great deal of responsibility. Direct and coordinate the work of subordinate supervision in order to attain objectives.

1. Education/Training: High School or equivalent
2. Experience: Prior medical office experience preferred: collections, knowledge of process.
3. Bilingual in English and Spanish preferred

SALARY RANGE: (non-exempt position)
This is a CATEGORY 2 job (with regard to OSHA):
No reasonably anticipated exposure to blood and body fluids in completing this job.
Manchester Community Health Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE)

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